The Loshitskiy Park

The Loshitskiy Park is the most romantic place in the city with apple orchards, alleys, alcoves and an old manor. Traces of many epochs of landscape gardening art of Belarus with amazing tree varieties for the country – magnolia, Siberian fir or Manchurian nut – are preserved here. Its former owners conducted experiments on the crossbreeding of different tree species. After a walk in the park you can enjoy a tour of the museum located in the old manor.

Contact Information

Stop: Kamvolny Kombinat (110m)
Buses: 2c, 3c, 52, 65, 85c, 102, 123, 124, 175э, 183c, 191

Trolleybuses: 5, 6, 15, 24
Address: 10  Chizhevskikh Avenue
GPS: 53.8549277, 27.58139536


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