Chelyuskinets Park

Chelyuskinets Park is an urban forest park in Minsk and one of the favourite leisure spots of the citizens. In 1974 it welcomed Super-8 – the first roller coaster in the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. The park boasts a variety of rides, a summer stage, a dance floor, area for chess, checkers and other games, and a karting track. Be sure to check this park out if you love outdoor activities and want to tickle your nerves when taking a roller coaster ride.

Contact Information

Stop: Metro station Park Chaliuskintsau (450 metres)
Buses: 25, 37, 89e, 91, 100
Metro: Park Chaliuskintsau
Address: 84 Nezavisimosti Avenue
GPS: 53.921121, 27.617676

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