Freedom Square (Svobody Square)

Freedom Square has been the keeper of the history of Minsk for many centuries. In the 16th century it already was the heart of administration, culture and trade of the city. In the 17 th -18th century it hosted bustling fairs, secular and religious holidays and captivated the crowd with bright performances of the national puppet theatre – Batleyka. These traditions are experiencing a revival — the square is now the venue for outdoor concerts, festivals of national traditions and historical re-enactments.

A lot of historical buildings are preserved in Freedom Square. Here you can find the guest house as well as monastery buildings of the Jesuits, Basilian monks and the Bernardines. Some of the destroyed buildings – Minsk city hall and the building of the former Uniate church which is now the Verkhni Gorod Concert Hall – were later restored.

Together, they create a unique space where you can feel the beat of years long past, explore the streets winding down from Freedom Square – Herzen Street, Kirilla I Mefodiya Street and Muzykalny Lane, and pop into a cafe, a museum or a shop...

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Nearest metro station: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya, Nemiga
Bus routes: 1, 69, 119с
Address: Freedom Square (Svobody Square)
GPS: 53.903565, 27.556114

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