The Island of Bravery and Grief (Island of Tears)

In the vicinity of the Trinity Suburb you will find a monument erected on an island in the very heart of Minsk. Right next to the bridge you can see the foundation stone with an icon that marks the birth of the monument. The focal place belongs to the chapel where the names of all Belarusian soldiers who died in Afghanistan are carved on the walls. A guardian angel looks after the chapel. The angel is crying. The angel is crying because he failed in his main task — to keep those whose names are engraved inside the chapel safe. The place is surrounded with boulders with the names of the Afghani provinces where the hostilities unfolded.

The monument stands close to the water as if floating in the eternity. The old and the modern residential areas are bound by the fabric of time, make the people reflect over the calamities of military conflicts... 

Contact Information

Nearest metro station: Nemiga
Address: Storozhevskaya St.
GPS: 53.909902, 27.554716

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