Minsk City Hall

Minsk City Hall is the building dominating Ploshchad Svobody (Freedom Square) which used to be the city’s main administrative building.

The Hall is the emblem of the Magdeburg rights granted to Minsk and of the city's self-governance. Minsk received the Magdeburg rights in 1499. The city council, which was a regulatory, executive and judicial body responsible for city life, used to hold meetings in the Hall. Moreover, there used to be an archive, a court, a storage of several of the city’s symbols such as the coat of arms, the official stamp and the Magdeburg rights charter. A wójt was the head of the council. In front of Minsk City Hall you can see a dignified man who is standing on the city’s map with a key in his hand. He is the wójt, the head of the city. You can easily recognise him by the medallion with the city’s coat of arms on his chest. The same coat of arms rests above the main gates of Minsk City Hall.

In the past the city hall used to be the place where people gathered to decide on the life of the city. But its story came to an end when it was demolished in 1857. By good fortune, the city hall rose again above the remains of its old foundation, restored as it used to look, after the renovation of 2002 – 2004.  Now the building hosts a museum with several exhibitions on the history of Minsk.

Contact Information

Nearest metro station: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya, Nemiga
Bus routes: 1; 69
Address: 2a Ploshchad Svobody
GPS: 53.903565, 27.556114
Tel.: +375 17 337 24 30
Working hours: 11.00—19.00 
Visiting hours: 11.00—18.30 (pre-booking required)

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