The issue of choosing a broadcasting company of the 2nd European Games has been discussed today by an interdepartmental commission

The qualitative and professional competitive bradcasting program of the 2nd European Games 2019, as well as the transmission of the television signal to the audience of the whole world, is one of the most important issues in organizing a multi-sport event.
Three international companies expressed their interest in organizing the broadcast of the 2nd European Games: the Portuguese “Medialuso-Mediapro”, the Spanish ISB and the Russian “Match TV”. Representatives of the Foundation “Directorate of the 2nd European Games 2019”, the National Olympic Committee, Belteleradiocompany, as well as interested ministries and departments, intently examined the proposals of all applicants and determined some key factors in choosing their preferences. The main one is price. Also during the discussion, special attention was paid to the experience of multi-sport events broadcasting, the image of companies and their marketing appeal, the possibility of further implementation of media rights, financial guarantees. One of the crucial issues for the Organizing committee was also the issue of legacy. Belarusian specialists should be involved in such an event to the maximum in order to gain invaluable experience in participating in the 2nd European Games. All three companies are ready to assist the Belarusian side in this matter.
As a result of the meeting, the interdepartmental commission prepared a corresponding report provision to the Republican Organizing Committee, which will finally determine a company for the organization of the broadcasting of the 2nd European Games 2019.

WR-points are a great step forward for European Games

The 2nd European Games 2019 will carry world ranking points and that fact gets a lot of positive response. Not only from the players.
From June 24-30, 160 European badminton players will take part in the second European Games; The 2019 European Games in Minsk, Belarus.
The BWF Council has decided to allocate world ranking points to the Games which means that the winners of the 2019 European Games will therefore get 7.000 points.
Great step forward
It is the first time that the European Games, which is a Continental Multi-Sport Games, will carry world ranking points and in one of the bigger badminton countries in Europe, England, the reactions are positive.
– I am pleased that the 2019 European Games will carry world ranking points. This is a great step forward for the Games, Adrian Christy, Chief Executive at Badminton England tells Badminton Europe.
– I am sure our players will relish the opportunity to compete for Great Britain in another multi-sport Games knowing their efforts will earn them vital qualification points towards Tokyo 2020.
– Points won’t make us downgrade
In the top nation of European badminton, Denmark’s Sports Director is also pleased.
– The points themselves are not the central aspect of playing the European Games but obviously it will not make us downgrade this tournament. But how we are going to plan for it and which players that will go is too soon to tell and will also depend on the international calendar, Jens Meibom says.
4000 athletes, 15 sports and 198 medals 
The Games will include ten days of competition in all sports, which will take place at 12 different competition venues.
The badminton arena will be Falcon Club – a big and modern arena:
4000 athletes from 50 European National Olympic Committees will take part in the 2019 European Games. They will fight for one of the 198 medals in one of the 15 sports, which is part of the games in Minsk.


Experts of the EOC and the European Cycling Union with a working visit in Minsk

The senior expert on sports of the European Olympic Committees Asimakis Asimakopoulos and the technical delegate of the European Cycling Union Vladimiros Petsas visited Minsk with a working visit. The main task is to consult in determining of the most optimal direction for cycling road competitions. The experts reviewed the proposed routes in terms of their sports component, television appeal and the opportunity to use the main sights of Minsk during the broadcast. The guests paid special attention to the organization of the road safety and the quality of the road surface, the possibility of installing barriers, blocking streets and accessing emergency services to the venue of the races. Asimakis Asimakopoulos and Vladimiros Petsas also became acquainted with the “Minsk-Arena” velodrome , where there competitions in cycling track will be held. Experts assessed the quality of the coating and other technical features of venue. 22 sets of medals will be played in cycling during the 2nd European Games 2019.

It should be reminded, from January 19 to January 21, 2018  “Minsk-Arena” velodrome for the first time will take the final stage of the World Cup prestigious track tournament. In 2009, the European Championship in cycling track was held in the Belarusian capital. In 2013, Minsk hosted the main start of the season – the World Championship. The Union Cycliste Internationale highly appreciated the organization of these events.