New Year wishes from George Katulin, CEO of the 2nd European Games 2019

Year of trampoline! The best athletes and teams 2017 are determined

Tatiana Petrenja is the best athlete of the year in Belarus. This is the result of the traditional contest, which was held for the 59th time by the newspaper “Sportinvnaya Panorama”. The decision has been made by journalists of print and electronic media. Tatiana Petrenja, the World Champion in Trampoline 2017 won the contest with a clear advantage with 623 points, the newspaper “Sportinvnaya Panorama” reports.

Previously she was in the top-list of many major tournaments, but also there was a single mistake which sometimes messed up any chance to win.  In Sofia Petrenja became the first world champion among Belarusians in individual trampoline.  By the way, the best team in non-games sport is the trampoline team.

Gymnastics Trampoline is included in the program of the 2nd European Games. 48 athletes for 3 days from 24 to 26 June will compete 4 sets of medals. Belarusian athletes are considered to be the main candidates for the medals.

Vanesa Kaladzinskaya have earned the 2017 Comeback Wrestlers of the Year award

This decision was made by the United World Wrestling. The expiring year has been very productive for Vanessa Kaladzinskaya. She won the World Championship in Paris in the weight category up to 53 kg and for the second time in her career got the title of the strongest athlete of the planet. For the first time she obtained the world title in 2012 performing at 48 kg. This season, Vanessa Kaladzinskaya also became the gold medalist of the European Championship. She also participated at the 1st European Games in Baku and completed the performance at the stage of the 1/8 finals. Coaching staff count on one of the leaders of the world women’s wrestling at the European Games 2019 in Minsk.

“For sure, the national team, both men and women will be perfectly prepared for this start. The tournament will be held in the Sports Palace and that’s impressive. We would like to have as much fans as possible. They are our support. This tournament, of course, will have an impact on the Belarusian wrestling” – Vanesa Kaladzinskaya shares her impressions. 98 athletes will competing in 6 medal events at the Minsk 2019  European Games.

Here are the best moments of the final duels with Vanesa Kaladzinskaya.